A construction worker had compression fractures of three vertebrae at work in 1983 when he fell about 30 feet off a water tower. He received workers compensation benefits for monthly income and for retraining. He retrained as an accountant and worked successfully at a desk job for 25 years. Recently, he began having severe back pain relating to the surgeries he had following his work injury. The workers compensation insurer stopped paying benefits.

Worried about his future income, he contacted Fields Law for assistance. Our team contacted all our client’s treating physicians and received updated medical records to show that our client could not work. Our attorneys researched the applicable workers compensation laws from the date of the 1983 injury to ensure our client would receive all of the benefits he was entitled to. During preparation for a hearing, the insurer agreed to mediate the claim. Our attorneys negotiated a $250,000 lump sum settlement for our client! The settlement agreement allows for coverage of future medications as they are prescribed. Our client was overjoyed with the settlement amount and was pleased to finally be done fighting with the workers compensation insurer. He hired Fields Law to help with his long-term disability and Social Security claims as well!