A carpenter from Meadowlands, Minnesota fell off of a step ladder and had a walk-in freezer panel fall on his head while at a worksite. He was in the hospital for 23 days and had numerous surgeries to reconstruct his face and teeth. Doctors said he could suffer from serious headaches for the rest of his life. He hired Fields Law to monitor his workers compensation claim. He received workers compensation benefits for over two years with no incident, but then the insurance company stopped paying wage loss benefits and argued that he was not permanently disabled.

Fields Law attorneys began compiling medical records, and contacting the insurance company to inform them that we would be representing our client. Our attorneys attended a deposition in Duluth and worked with our client to schedule an independent medical exam when the insurance company demanded one. Just before a hearing in Duluth, our attorneys aggressively negotiated a $275,000 settlement. Our client was happy with the settlement amount, and was pleased with the persistent advocacy that the attorneys at Fields Law provided.