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Overturning an insurance company’s decision takes much more than a claimant can do on their own. It takes time, expertise, experience, resources, research, and familiarity with the insurance company’s tactics.

All too often, people attempt to go up against their insurance company on their own, failing to realize that the insurance company has an army of people working behind the scenes looking for ways to deny legitimate claims. Below are just a few examples of how Fields Disability succeeded in overturning the insurance company’s denial and getting our clients the benefits they deserved.

Read What Just A Few Of Our Clients Had To Say About Us

Carol A., Schenectady, New York

My Long-Term Disability Insurance Company denied the payment of monthly long-term disability benefits and Fields Disability filed suit against them and reached a settlement. Even though we are in a different state we never felt like that was a hindrance to this case and communication from the firm was always great via email or telephone.

We always felt like this case was taken seriously and appreciated that Zach reached out just to advise that there was nothing to advise of, most attorneys wouldn’t do that and would just allow months to go by. It was helpful not having to be the party that said hey what’s going on. Given suits take time, him reaching out every few months just to say that was appreciated.

We would recommend the firm and if someone was on the fence I’d advise them as to the character of communication, as I indicated earlier when it comes to auto, W/C, etc. attorneys just seem to let their clients wait and wonder what’s going on, this was not the case with Fields.

Paul and Kathryn P., Wallingford, Connecticut

My wife was collecting disability for a few years through our disability insurance company and then out of nowhere without warning she was cut off stating she was no longer disabled under the definition of disability under their plan, even though nothing had changed. My wife made no improvements in her condition, if anything it had worsened.

We appealed on our own thinking that there no question my wife was disabled. The insurance company took the maximum amount of time to review our appeal and then they upheld their original decision to deny long term disability benefits. They stated the claim was closed and that is when we reached out to Fields Disability. My wife’s claim was not at Federal Court level and we had contacted Fields and a local attorney, the local attorney didn’t want to bring suit against the insurance company.

Our Attorney, Zach Schmoll was straight forward and professional. He explained the process to us before we signed up and it went exactly the way he described, and the outcome is what we anticipated. We would not have been able to pursue my wife’s claim in court without the contingent fee structure Fields Disability has.

We are also working with Fields Disability in regards to my wife’s social security appeal, it is nice to be able to work with the same attorneys for both issues.

Connie, Mokelumne Hill, California

I first contacted Fields Disability because of ongoing harassment from my private disability provider. They began calling me two weeks after my husband died following a long illness and one week after I had returned home after being evacuated in the California fires. I was grieving and very ill as the auto immune disease I suffer from was exacerbated by the stress of watching my beloved die and the horror of the fires.

The disability company had called to insist that I should now go back to work or begin training for another job. When I explained to them that I was in no place to even consider their demands, they increased the frequency of their calls to every two weeks. In early November they began threatening to discontinue my disability as I could not comply with their demands.

I simply could not take the additional stress and, after finding Fields online, called to talk to a lawyer about just giving up. I did not want to deal with them anymore and, even though my income had already been reduced by 2/3 by the death of husband, I was so tired and depressed I was willing to give up the disability payment in exchange for no longer being harassed by this company.

I spoke with an attorney who was very understanding and compassionate. She assured me that they could help me and that I didn’t have to let this company get away with the harassment. She also assured me that after signing with her I would not have to deal with the company any longer. I signed that day and my attorney was true to her word. When the company tried to harass me further I called my attorney who called them and was able to bring about a cessation of the phone calls and threatening letters. What a blessing that was!

My attorney dealt with that disability company, allowing me to grieve in peace and work on healing my own body. She was able to get the company to agree to start payments again (they had stopped payments shortly after I contacted Fields) and we ended up settling for a lump sum payment. The payment was 3 times what I had initially thought they would offer.

She handled it all. She answered every question I had. She went above and beyond in her duties as a lawyer as I was very emotional at the time. She would listen to me cry, and then calmly explain the process yet again. If she was not available, her assistant, Jennifer, would talk to me and have my attorney call as soon as possible. They were both very kind and understanding.

I would strongly recommend Fields Disability to anyone having problems with a disability company. I am a medical professional and know that adding stress to a chronic illness is very detrimental. While life had handed me an inordinate amount of stress that I needed to deal with myself, my attorney was able to remove the additional stress caused by an uncaring giant insurance corporation. I can never thank her enough.

Cheryl S., Port Gibson, Mississippi

I was denied by United of Omaha and I was upset because I knew I couldn’t work. I went online and started researching different companies that would be able to help me with my problem and found Fields Disability online. I really feel that I had a positive result of my case because they were able to get the denial reversed and now I am getting the benefits that I am entitled too.

Fields Disability did a wonderful job with managing my claim and making sure that United of Omaha had no other choice but to reverse their decision. They did an excellent job in winning my case and I would refer them to anyone that I know. If you choose Fields Disability to take your case, you will be able to rest assured that you are in good hands.

Linda J., Lehigh Acres, Florida

My Long-Term Disability Insurance Company denied my appeal for benefits after they cut me off and told me I was no longer disabled under the definition of their plan. My only choice was to take them to court and I knew I couldn’t do that without an attorney. When we reached out to Fields Disability, we knew we had reached out to the right firm.

Fields Disability was very helpful in our time of need and made it easy in an otherwise stressful time in our lives. We had contacted multiple firms and were told the case was too complicated to take or they wanted money up front.

Overall, our experience at Fields Disability was pleasant, the Attorneys and staff were great to work with!

Dennis H., Minden, Louisiana

I reached out to Fields Disability to help me file an appeal against my Long-Term Disability Insurance Company. They stopped paying my long-term disability benefit after being on claim for years. My attorney filed a lawsuit against the insurer after they denied my appeal.

I Just wanted to tell you all what a privilege it was to have the team at Fields working on my long-term disability case and how pleased I am with the outcome of the settlement that my attorney worked long and hard on. She was always uplifting on the phone even when she knew I was down and seemed to always have me in a better mood by the time our conversation was over, and she always kept me updated whenever she had any information no matter how small, would call me to discuss my options.

I would recommend Fields Disability to anyone having to deal with any company pertaining to long-term disability claims. If they will take your case, they will be in it for the long term and always thinking of their client.

John L., Winter Haven, Florida

I had a hard time with The Hartford. I knew they didn’t want to pay me anything regardless of what I did or submitted. I hired Fields Disability to let Hartford know that I was serious about my claim. My attorney went to bat for me and without her I would not have received a dime. She was patient with me even when I was not due this stressful situation. I would recommend Fields Disability to someone if they want a positive resolution. I am so thankful for Fields!

Chevelle M., Coldwater, Michigan

My Long-Term Disability insurer cancelled my benefits the month after I was deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration. After I submitted an appeal on my own and was denied I decided to get an Attorney. Hiring Fields Disability with their experience, and knowledge of how to proceed with the insurer was instrumental in receiving a settlement in my case.

After submitting an online request for help, Fields Disability quickly called to assist. Fields Disability was very personable, friendly and I never felt uncomfortable talking with them. All of my questions were answered, and everyone was very helpful.

My experience was very favorable, and my attorney was wonderful to work with! Fields Disability allowed me to fight back against a huge insurer that decided I was no longer disabled and took away the benefits I deserved.

Thank goodness we settled, it helped with the loss of income I experienced. It was a pleasure working with the staff at Fields Disability.

Maritza L., Tavares, Florida

After many years of work and paying my benefits, my health started to deteriorate. It was when I began to have physical limitations that human resources sent me home because they were unable to accommodate me. I had to begin the process of short term disability. It was a difficult time because even with my medical evidence, Aetna still put resistance toward my benefits. Six months later came the transition from short term disability into long term disability and the nightmare had begun.

My health continued to deteriorate, and my medical treatment and medicine are vital for my health conditions. The company I worked for cancelled my monthly income and health insurance. My stress increased, my health got worse and worse and it was then when I decided to hire a legal representative. My husband helped me research attorneys as I live in a work state (where the law benefits the employers).

I remember my frustration. I started calling different attorneys and law firms because as soon as I informed my employer and Aetna that I would not be returning to work they immediately rejected my case. I remember asking for someone to take my case and help me. One morning my husband told me about a law firm he found online, Fields Law Firm. I called and with confidence they accepted my case.

The attorney and paralegal treated me with respect, professionalism, compassion, and without hesitation guided me step by step throughout this entire process. When I “felt the doors closing on me” I needed someone to treat me as human being and not just another case. They were more than just my lawyer and paralegal they are my angels. I rest easy and stay confident in knowing that my questions will be answered.

With my own experience, I highly recommend Fields Disability to be your legal representative because in my case they demonstrated their law expertise, dedication, diligence, and continuously maintain effective communication with me. Even though they won the case, they still keep the communication open with me.

In a short time, I recovered my benefits from Aetna with the help of Fields Disability. And not only that, I applied for social security disability and they also helped me with that process as well and immediately my social security benefits were awarded. In this part, I want to thank Fields Disability for all their efforts, dedication, and honesty with my case. The truth always triumphs. I highly recommend Fields Disability. Don’t hesitate to call them.

Margaret I., New Jersey

I was denied long term disability benefits which prompted me to seek legal representation. Shortly after contacting Fields Disability they were able to settle my claim with the insurance comapny. Working with Fields Disability has been a success as the attorney on my case quickly went to work on my claim and ended up getting me the benefits I was entitled too.

I would recommend Fields Disability to anyone in the same situation as I was. To anyone who was hesitant about working with Fields Disability I would tell them that the attorneys at Fields definitely know the tactics that the insurance companies use and know how to put together a great case that gets results.

Melissa R., Marlinton, West Virginia

My name is Melissa; I live in Marlinton, WV. In April of 2005 I was in a serious accident at my home which left me physically disabled. I had purchased private disability insurance through the company I was employed at; at the time of the accident.

Over the years my physical disability and overall physical health issues have become worse. In February 2015, because of new staffing and a new computer system; incomplete paper work was sent from my primary doctor to the disability company that required yearly evaluations on me. The disability company was immediately notified of the error. In October 2015, I was notified by the disability company I would no longer receive benefits effective immediately.

Now, as I previously stated, I was disabled in 2005 and my condition had deteriorated over the years with the doctors reports supporting such; and now it was 2015 and I was being told by the disability company I was not considered disabled anymore.

If you are disabled and or have an illness, your stress level is already above a healthy person. The doctors tell me increased stress can enhance your disability or illness. We still have all the normal bills a healthy person has, such as mortgage, utilities and general living costs. We then have the added expense of multiple doctors, treatments and very expensive medicines to say the least. And now we are being told we are not considered disabled. No one wants to be disabled, but accidents do happen, and we are already struggling day to day.

After being contacted by the disability company, my family and I began to search for help. One thing we found very quickly is there only a handful of Law offices that will take cases like mine. There are numerous ones to handle Social Security denial, but not on the private level.

After researching several Law Firms; I chose Fields Disability. I began using their services on Oct. 28, 2015. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Expense wise they were the most reasonable. Staff wise, I cannot say enough about the ladies I worked with. Both professional and yet generously caring people. It was like speaking with good friends. I was extremely upset over the situation and yet they were able to ease my feelings. I really appreciated all they did for me.

They immediately began contacting the disability company and my doctors. Compiling all the necessary reports and paperwork; all the while keeping me advised as to what was going on. I required a surgery during this process; they reached out to me to make sure I was doing alright. As a result of their hard work, the disability company reversed their decision in July 2016 and I began receiving my benefits again. It was like a big weight had been lifted off of me.

I would highly recommend to anyone who has lost their benefits unfairly to contact Fields Disability immediately. Disability companies look for any reason they can to drop you if they are paying benefits out to you. They have attorneys and you only have one chance at an appeal, so why not choose a company who understands your needs and fears. Not just by their Law actions but by their personable actions as well. It is a decision you won’t regret.

Ann W., Richardson, Texas

Liberty Mutual would not approve my benefits. They wanted so much stuff from me and I was in such a bad state with my conditions that I could not get them all the paperwork they wanted. Hiring an attorney helped my case because they did all the work for me. I talked to two other firms, but I did not call either back after the initial call. Those firms were both local, but it was better that I went with a national firm.

It was easy working with Fields Disability. They made it simple. Their process was efficient and helpful. It was such a relief that I was able to sit back and get better. I could not have done it without them. It felt so good having their help that I actually cried in relief. They took a load of my shoulders.

I would recommend them to anyone. The weight of the world was lifted of my shoulders. When I called Fields, they handled everything for me. They were amazing. They saved me.

William B., Warner Robbins, Georgia

Even during the early part of the process, I was having trouble with Cigna and collected records on my own for updates, I was always given the run around – I had to facilitate and pay out of pocket for all of the records and make sure Cigna got them. I think they were trying to intimidate me by making me jump through hoops, so I missed something, and they could cut me off.

After Cigna switched my claims manager a few times, I received a letter end of 2016 stating I was approved through November 2017 and then shortly after that letter I rcvd a call stating I was going to be on claim for the long haul – the updates would be less frequent and more of just an audit of care on a yearly basis from doctors.

But then ONE week later I got a phone call from my claim manager “we have a new administrator and I don’t even want to be making this call, your claim is now being sent to independent medical evaluation” I asked how often are claims approved on this and was told 1/3 remain on claim after the IME – I was initially given misinformation and lies –misdirection. I felt cheated.

My claims manager called me from his home and stated to “get an attorney – an injustice was done against you – the whole psych department at Cigna stated he was disabled and will remain on claim.” I feel like “they rolled the dice to see what would happen”. IME doctor was not a MD he was a professor – Cigna gave him 3 specific leading questions, I think that was unfair.

The reason I chose Fields Law Firm is because Steve called – I had 4-5 firms that were “coming after me” but, Steve called me on a Saturday at noon and let me know I would have attorneys and paralegals at my disposal. When you go against a giant corporation – such as Cigna but also my employer Fidelity – you need to hire an attorney.

The appeal was not just medical records – it was the expert opinions on top of doctor’s support that I believe helped me with a favorable decision – Fields Disability used an extensive and thorough portfolio of experts to get the original denial overturned on appeal.

I had an intimate experience working with the team at Fields Law Firm – there was never a moment that I didn’t feel involved. Everyone on my team was up to speed and I received frequent phone calls. My claim was transparent, and I was kept up to date, which allowed me to feel a sense of hope. It wasn’t just “hey we got your case and I hope we win”.

Patricia K., Lisbon, Iowa

My Long-Term Disability Insurance Company denied my claim for benefits. I appealed twice on my own and was denied both times. I was told my claim was closed.

The next step in my process was taking the insurer to court to sue them for my benefits. In my initial search for an attorney I contacted a local firm that told me it was a losing battle. My search efforts continued, and I found Fields Disability.

Fields Disability was attentive and worked with the same goals in mind. I would recommend them to anyone in my situation. The open communication really put my mind at ease. I knew I was in good hands with Fields Disability.

Kristin S., Eastman, Georgia

I was on claim for years and out of nowhere, Guardian cut me off and discontinued long term disability payments. I was overwhelmed and scared that someone else had control over my life and my livelihood. Guardian disregarded the fact that all my doctors said that I would never work again.

Fields Disability came on board and fought for the benefits I deserved. The whole team was great to work with and I appreciated being able to reach out at any time. My questions were answered immediately and professionally. I never felt dumb, I was comfortable working with Fields Disability.

Fields Disability works on a contingent fee basis, there is nothing to lose by approaching the Insurer from a legal standpoint. I don’t think the outcome would have been the same if I didn’t hire Fields Disability.

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