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Insurance companies are not named in our lawsuit results due to confidentiality agreements. Please contact us for more information regarding our litigation experience with specific disability insurance companies

Here are just a few of our lawsuit wins for our clients around the United States.

Technical Training Specialist - Glendale, AZ

Spina Bifida, Severe Scoliosis, Severe Back Pain

“An Arizona training specialist was born with spina bifida that caused severe scoliosis. Over the years, she had multiple spinal fusion surgeries and her resulting back pain worsened as she aged. Eventually, the pain became too much and she was unable to work. She received long-term disability benefits from her insurer at work for six months, but then received a denial letter saying she no longer fit their definition of disabled.

Upset that her insurance company was ignoring her chronic symptoms, she contacted Fields Disability for help. Our attorneys contacted her medical providers for updated records. Fields attorneys scoured the insurance claim file and found that the insurance company had ignored recommendations from our client’s doctors. Our attorneys filed an appeal with the insurer, but the decision did not change. Fields attorneys then filed a lawsuit in federal court to fight for our client’s benefits. During preparations for trial, our attorneys negotiated a generous lump-sum settlement. Our client was overjoyed with the settlement amount, and relieved to be done fighting her insurance company.”

Staffing Coordinator - Dandridge, TN

Spinal Stenosis in Lumbar and Cervical Spine, Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroidism

“A 60-year-old individual who worked for a large tire manufacturer as a Staffing Coordinator was forced to cease work due to spinal stenosis of her lumbar and cervical spine, fibromyalgia, and hypothyroidism. She applied for long-term disability benefits, and Cigna paid her benefits for almost one year. One day, out of the blue, the woman received a letter from Cigna stating that medical personnel from Cigna reviewed her claim and stated that she could go back to work. These medical personnel gave these opinions without ever even meeting the woman.

She turned to Fields Disability for help. Our attorneys crafted an appeal in which we argued that Cigna misconstrued the nature of the woman’s job and the physical requirements associated with it. Furthermore, we argued that Cigna was wrong to rely on doctors who had never met or examined the woman. After Fields Disability submitted the appeal, Cigna reviewed the evidence and admitted they made a mistake by discontinuing her benefits. The issued a check for the past due benefits that they owed to our client, who was very happy she entrusted Fields Disability to handle her appeal.”

City Tax Appraiser - Mauk, GA

Spinal Stenosis

“A 50 year old County Tax Appraiser became disabled after a diagnosis of permanent spinal stenosis. Because she loved her job, she continued to do her work for several months, without complaint, but when it became too painful she had no choice but to apply for long term disability. Despite her debilitating condition and the clear evidence supporting the same, the disability carrier denied her claiming she could still able to perform the work of a tax appraiser. It was clear the disability carrier did not understand the physically challenging nature of such an occupation. Her job demanded she travel out into the field to visually and physically examine machinery and other objects, which necessitated walking long distances, climbing, kneeling, reaching, lifting and standing for lengthy periods of time.

She hired Fields Disability and our attorneys reached out to the medical providers and obtained records and reports, clearly demonstrating that this client could not meet the specific demands of her occupation due to her spinal stenosis. A lawsuit was filed which resulted in a settlement of a significant sum of money to this client, which enabled her to continue with her treatment, pay her bills and meet her overall financial needs for her and her family.”

Oil Rig Manager - Minden, LA

Leg Pain, Scar Tissue, Nerve Damage

“A superintendent of an off-shore oil rig in Louisiana had knee surgery following a car accident. He had complications from surgery and ultimately needed a total knee replacement. He experienced severe discomfort and pain from walking, standing, sitting, or kneeling for more than a few minutes at a time. His condition became too severe, and he was forced to stop working. He was approved for long-term disability benefits through his employee insurance policy and received benefits for two years. Then the insurance company sent him a letter stating that he no longer fit their definition of disabled, and that he would stop receiving payments.

Worried about the sudden loss in income, he called Fields Disability for help. The attorneys at Fields Disability combed through the claim file from the insurance company and found several oversights. The insurance company said that our client could find other work, but did not provide a description of what type of work our client could complete. The attorneys at Fields Disability used updated medical reports to mount an appeal against the insurance company. The insurance company denied benefits on appeal, but Fields attorneys quickly filed a lawsuit in federal court to fight for our client’s benefits. During preparations for trial, our attorneys negotiated a generous lump-sum settlement for our client. Our client was overjoyed at the settlement amount and was pleased that he did not need to continue the fight against his insurer.”

Aircraft Mechanic - Summerville, SC

Lumbar Spine Issues

“An aircraft mechanic ceased working due to low back pain because he was unable to keep up with the physical demands of his job. His claim was paid for the entire Own Occupation period of the policy, but when the definition changed to Any Occupation, the insurance company denied continuing benefits. The insurance company said the mechanic would be able to perform a number of desk jobs, despite only holding mechanical jobs for the past 30 years.

He hired Fields Disability to appeal the determination. Fields attorneys hired a vocational expert to discuss our client’s work history and his non-competitiveness for desk work. The insurance company denied the appeal, but totally failed to respond to the vocational expert’s report. The Fields attorneys were able to successfully negotiate a large settlement leveraging the insurance company’s error.”