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At Fields Disability, we understand that the insurance company is out to protect its profits, not your best interests. Long-term disability claims are often denied, and many people give up because of the strict guidelines applicants must follow.

Long-term disability insurance is supposed to help you take care of you and your family if you are ever injured or become disabled and can’t to go back to work for weeks, months, or even years. At Fields Disability, we know the time after a serious injury can be difficult, and dealing with the employers insurance company can be stressful.

Our nationwide long-term disability attorneys know how the system works, and we can help you make sure your application is accurate, complete, and submitted on time.

Getting Approved Isn’t Always Easy

When the insurance company sold you a long-term disability policy, they made you a promise. They promised to cover you in the event of illness, injury or mental condition – for the years you can’t work. But now, when you actually need it, they’ve denied your Long Term Disability claim.

At Fields Disability, our attorneys know how to make the insurance company keep it’s promise and pay the benefits you deserve. If your Long Term Disability benefits have been denied or discontinued, there are time limits for appealing their decision. If you wait, you could miss an important deadline.

Get Your Disability Benefits Now

Waiting on a lengthy Long Term Disability appeal or trying to deal with the insurance company yourself can be frustrating. That’s why you should contact a Long Term Disability attorney at Fields Disability as soon as the insurance company denies or cancels your benefits.

We can review your case right now and answer any Long Term Disability questions you have for free. In fact, you don’t pay us anything unless we get benefits for you.

If you’ve been denied Long Term Disability benefits, call us at Fields Disability. Let us help you get the benefits you paid for.

Long Term Disability Frequently Asked Questions

Can the insurance company use my social media history against me to deny my benefits?

Insurance companies have a great interest in ensuring that claims are not only handled properly, but administered fairly. Therefore, most insurance companies use various tactics such as surveillance to not only prevent fraud, but also to evaluate your credibility and condition.

If I can no longer work, should I quit or use any FMLA or PTO?

Before asking yourself this question, take a step back and identify why it is that you can no longer work. Possibilities include health conditions that result from work-related injuries, personal health conditions that are not the result of work injuries, or health conditions of a family member.

Why Hire A Long Term Disability Denial Attorney After You Get Denied Disability Benefits?

If you are denied Long Term Disability benefits after filling out an application, you have the right to appeal the insurance company’s decision. Filing an appeal can be hard to handle on your own. It requires gathering and organizing information, doing research, and formulating legal arguments.

I Received A Letter Saying My Long Term Disability Benefits Were Denied. What Should I Do?

You’ve been waiting for this letter for some time, and your bills are starting to pile up. When it finally arrives, the shock of learning that you’ve been denied can certainly take it’s toll. Now you have to decide what you need to do to ensure your family is taken care of while you focus on getting better and returning to work. At Fields Disability, our Long Term Disability attorneys are here to help you understand what your legal options are and what you need to do in order to get your disability benefits.

Do I need to apply for Social Security Disability while receiving Long Term Disability?

When you become disabled, Long Term Disability benefits are provided to supplement your lost earnings. Long Term Disability benefits are usually a portion of your earnings. Most Long Term Disability policies require that any extra income you receive be deducted (off-set) from your payable Long Term Disability benefits. This requirement is usually put in place to alleviate the Long Term Disability carriers’ costs in paying out benefits.

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